GPS, surveyors and politics — a 2018 refresher

Many thanks to the countless hours put in by the NSPS Joint Government Affairs team, consisting of Committee Chair Pat Smith, NSPS Government Consultant John Palatiello, NSPS Federal Lobbyist John “JB” Byrd and NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner. This group is constantly monitoring legislative action across the country as well as in D.C. and is […]

Executive Order Will Drive Demand for Surveying and Mapping

John Palatiello featured in Points of Beginning Magazine discussing the benefit to the Nation generally and the surveying and mapping profession in particular of the Executive Order on Critical Minerals issued by President Trump. Read More…

John Palatiello’s report on privatization in the federal government with the Reason Foundation

Annual Privatization Report 2017 — Federal Privatization The latest on privatization and public-private partnerships in federal government. John Palatiello December 14, 2017 The Federal Privatization section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2017 provides an overview of the latest on privatization and public-private partnerships in federal government. Subsections include: Federal Government Privatization Update Federal Government Privatization News and Notes

BCFC supporting Hoops for Youth tomorrow at GWU

The game benefits underprivileged youth in the District. The Hoops For Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization created with a mission to support at-risk youth in our communities and help them build a brighter tomorrow. Hoops For Youth equips young people with the basic skills needed to play team sports as well as face the […]

John Byrd Discussing 3DEP at ITIF Event

The Cities of Tomorrow: How Research and Innovation Can Help Address the U.S. Infrastructure Crises Smart technologies are rapidly changing U.S. cities. For example, dynamic road pricing, real-time transit information, and vehicles with increased autonomy will soon revolutionize the way people move around cities. Yet even though the growing Internet of Things offers enormous benefits, […]

Congress mulls changes to ‘inherently governmental’ activities

Originally published in FCW discussing inherently governmental activities. By Mark Rockwell John Palatiello, president of the Business Coalition for Fair Competition, told lawmakers that some agencies have indeed reconsidered how they receive services in many areas, including IT. For instance, the U.S. Geological Survey has transitioned from being an in-house map-production agency that often duplicated […]

This is the Business of Surveying

“To truly get ahead today, surveyors need the networking and other opportunities that MAPP membership provides.” Read More at POB…

The United States is a world economic power in spite of its surveying and mapping

The United States is a world economic power in spite of its surveying and mapping, not because of it. That’s the conclusion of the former Wyoming governor, Jim Geringer, who recently released a report card on the nation’s spatial data infrastructure. With an overall grade of C, the United States would rank behind some 15 […]

Federal Bureaucracy Much Worse than Devine Outlines

Donald Devine could not be more wrong with his data or conclusions (Reagan Idea Could Reform Invisible Bureaucracy, Jefferson Policy Journal, March 19, 2015). He points to the growth of government spending, but the relatively constant size of the federal workforce. He should give government employees more credit. In the private sector, U.S. manufacturers now produce three and […]