Government Relations

When a firm encounters a difficulty with the Federal government, the solution is often found by talking to the right person in Congress or a Federal agency. JMP&A helps arrange meetings and assists its clients by making sure its views are heard by the right government officials. JMP&A knows Washington. They know where to find information their client’s competitors don’t even know exists. JMP&A scours Federal agencies to provide clients the most accurate, up-to-date, and useful data on legislation, Federal programs, studies, markets, projects, budgets and information. JMP&A acts as your Washington representative. From getting to see the right government officials, obtaining the information you need or being represented at important meetings, JMP&A knows how to cut through the red tape and serve your best interests in the complex world of our Nation’s Capital. JMP&A also provides government relations training and research. Whether it is organizing a “fly-in”, tracking legislation, training key company employees or association members, developing legislative strategy, or research and writing issues papers and drafting legislation, JMP&A is experienced and effective.